Autism Connections provides a range of behavior support services that are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the individuals and families that we serve. Our behavior services are firmly rooted in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and provided to individuals residing within San Luis Obispo County, regardless of their ability or diagnosis.

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Behavior Service Assessments: Behavior Service Assessments provided by Autism Connections are conducted by  Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and provide families and caregivers with expert recommendations for treatment and a plan for behavior services for their child. The assessment also includes observations in multiple environments (home, school, community), parent/caregiver interviews, and a review of existing documentation (e.g. reports, previous assessments, IEPs, etc). Behavior Service Assessments identify a child’s strengths and deficits and generate the goals that direct a behavior intervention program.

Behavior Intervention Programs: Behavior intervention programs provided by Autism Connections are based on individualized needs, regardless of ability or diagnosis. Custom ABA curriculum is developed for each child and implemented with the highest quality. Autism Connections can create and implement behavior intervention programs in the home, at school, in the community, or combined behavior programs across environments. All behavior intervention programs utilize a team approach with families that consist of program supervisors and behavior aides that can collaborate with other therapists and agencies already working with a child.

What does a behavior intervention program look like?

After completing Autism Connections intake process (consisting of submitting all intake paperwork, receiving authorizations needed to start services, and completion of the Behavior Service Assessment), a schedule will be set for your child’s behavior program. Your assigned program supervisor and behavior aide will arrive at your home together for your child’s first program session. They will bring with them a program binder containing all the forms and sheets that will be necessary to educate your family and track your child's progress and all of the program materials needed to teach your child and to make sessions fun! At each session your child’s behavior aide will work on the goals identified in the Behavior Service Assessment.  All sessions look different based on your child’s individual goals, but all are play based. Typical Autism Connections sessions with your behavior aide(s) last between 2-3 hours, 1-2 times a day year round. Best Practices states that children with autism benefit the most from early intensive intervention carried out across environments for 35-40 hours per week. Your program supervisor will attend one session each week.  The program supervisor provides ongoing training to your behavior aide in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in order to break down learning for your child into small achievable steps.  The program supervisor also spends time each week educating your family on the basic principles of ABA and on how to generalize skills to times outside of sessions, as well as discussing progress and/or concerns. Working with behavior staff in your home each day may take some getting used to, but studies prove that the more consistent the behavior therapy, the more quickly gains are made!

Behavior Consultation: Autism Connections provides behavior consultation services to families with concerns about their child's behavior, regardless of ability or diagnosis. BCBA consultants provide behavior program design and evaluations, training for parents, caregivers, and staff, and treatment recommendations for individuals. Autism Connections also provides behavior consultation services to existing behavior programs.

Your Insurance Provider: Autism Connections is a provider of ABA services for the following insurance carriers:

  • CenCal / Holman Group
  • Blue Shield of California (In Network Provider)
  • Value Options (In Network Provider)
  • United Behavioral Health (In Network Provider)
  • Aetna (In Network Provider)
  • Anthem Blue Cross (Out of Network Provider)

Please contact our office for further information regarding coverage for ABA services through your insurance carrier.

Private Pay: Private pay programs are the fastest and most efficient way to get behavior services started with Autism Connections. Autism Connections provides all of our ABA services to families with concerns about their child's behavior, regardless of ability or diagnosis.


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